Only one week left!

One week until The Giant’s Drink Issue. 01: Third is published. 

Any last minute artists or writers are welcome! Right up until publication date in fact!

I’ve received quite a few Ender’s Game First Book stories and they are all fantastic! Keep them coming! Remember, just a photo of your first copy of Ender’s Game and the story behind how you came to read it. 

Email me at with anything. 

The Giant’s Drink — An “Ender’s Game” Zine


Hey Launchies!

A fellow fan is starting up an Ender’s Game  webzine (The Giant’s Drink) and needs our help!

For Issue #1, the editor is collecting stories about everyone’s first experience with the book.

Here’s how you can participate:

Submit a photo of your first copy of Ender’s Game along with a short blurb about how you came to be a EG fan: Who recommended the book to you? How old were you when you first read it? What makes the book special to you? etc.

Send all submissions to:

I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s stories and I’ll be sure to send in a photo of my dog-eared copy as well. :)

Also: The Giant’s Drink is always looking for writers, artists, and other excited fans to participate so if you think that’s something you’d be interested in, let them know!

Hope you’re all having a genius Tuesday.

- Kelly

We have in our first piece of artwork for Issue.1!

A huge Thank You to Sol-Niger for submitting the first piece of fanwork to The Giant’s Drink Zine!

Again, any artist interested, you are more than welcome to submit anything and everything!

Anonymous said: what do you need cartoonists for?

Any type of fan art, satirical cartoons relating to Ender’s Game and the relating universe. Open to suggestions, really. 


An Open Letter from the Editor

I would first like to apologize to all of you for the extreme delay that seems to be keeping this entire project tethered to the ground. The Giants Drink, while a project more fun than a macaroni noodle painting, is a huge undertaking. Especially due to the high aspirations I hold for it, so again I apologize. This is one moment in which my personal life has most definitely taken its toll on my work in more than one way and I hope that in the future such prolonged periods of inactivity will be, if not avoidable, then times in which I can temporarily hand this project over to other editors.

I am hesitant to put a date on our first Zine in fear of jinxing myself but I can assure you, progress will be made, and quickly.

Again, I ask all of you, Battle School Brats, to lend yourself to this project if you feel so inclined. The Giants Drink is in sore need of:

HTML Wizards
Fiction Authors
Analytical Writers
Conspiracy Theorists
Know It Alls

If you are so inclined, please email me at

If you have already emailed me, fear not. You are on the top of my ToDo list and will be hearing from me shortly.

Thank you
-MD Van Eyck

Ps Reblogs always welcomed and encouraged. As Enders Game grows more present, so do the number of truly incredible people who are part of it and its fan base.

Calling All Writers

The Giant’s Drink is searching for analytical writers for both character pieces and in depth analysis pieces. Please contact the Editor ASAP.

The Giant’s Drink Vol. 01 Issue 01 Production Begins Today

Any and All submissions and ideas welcome. Deadline for Submitted work for Issue 01 is April 23rd.